Monday, May 9, 2016

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I am starting to tackle the books I'm seeing pop up on Mock Newbery blogs to get a head start on our Newbery Book Club we'll do this fall. This is my first. 
Genre: realistic
AR level: none yet
Grade appropriate: 4th and up (middle grade)

Overall:3/5-- this book reminded me a lot of The War That Saved My Life, which I really didn't like. I know! I am the only one on the planet who didn't love it. And that's how I felt about this one. The abuse is so raw to me with the experiences our adopted son went through and I can never get past it in these stories.

Creativity:3/5-- a family from the Philippines trying to adjust to life in Louisiana. Step-mother is abusive. The girls try to escape through imagination & fairy tales.

Characters:3/5-- I distanced myself pretty early on because of the abuse. Didn't really get attached.

Engrossing:2/5-- I didn't want to keep coming back to it

Writing: 5/5

Appeal to kids:3/5-- I'm hoping the kids who loved The War will like this one too.

Appropriate length to tell the story:4/5-- short.

Language: none

Sexuality: none-- the main character’s best friend (boy) keeps wanting to kiss her but she's not interested.

Violence:mild-- main character's stepmother calls her names, spits in her hair, makes her kneel on rice, throws rice in her face and more.

Drugs/Alcohol: none-- stepmother smokes

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