Monday, January 27, 2014

Newbery 2013

Well, it's official. The announcement has been made. None of the books on our list won the Newbery award.

As you probably already found out, if you care at all, Flora and Ulysses won the award.

I was disappointed, but I'm not devastated. This is why: I was worried that Counting by 7s or The Paperboy would win and, while I'm sure those are wonderful books, several teachers at our school have read them and they are going to be pretty rough for a majority of our elementary kids. 

Our kids are going to LOVE Flora and Ulysses. I know that's not the criteria for the Newbery, but it is always nice when the book chosen is not only "distinguished," but also enjoyable! 

Side note: I had a copy on my "New Books" shelf and I snatched it up immediately. I hadn't made time to read it with all the books on our list and the Quest for the Crown coming up, but you can bet it's at the top of my "To-Read" list now! *Update: I've read Flora and Ulysses! Wow!

I was also thrilled to see that they named FOUR Honor books this year, three of which were on our list; One Came Home, Doll Bones, and The Year of Billy Miller. So we didn't do too bad of a job predicting outstanding books. I am surprised that Navigating Early and The Water Castle didn't even get a nod. Ah well...

Congratulations to Kate DiCamillo and Flora and Ulysses!

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