Thursday, March 31, 2011

Daily 5/CAFE

Next week I'm headed to the CAFE workshop in San Antonio with some of my teacher friends. If you aren't familiar with Daily 5 & CAFE from the 2 sisters you absolutely should check it out.

The thing that saved my life when I was first starting out (but let's be honest, I'm still starting out)was the Daily 5 for Dummies. It eases you in and gives you a script. By doing it this way I was doing both the Daily 5 & CAFE without even realizing it. I found it on There is an awesome chat room all about Daily 5 and CAFE and the teachers on there have amazing stuff!

Definitely become a member of It's free and there is no end of resources.

There are a couple that I made when I needed them and couldn't find anything there.

This is the poster and the bookmark that I give kids to help them remember while they're reading is below.

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