Monday, April 4, 2016

National School Library Month

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 In honor of School Library Month we are having some fun in the elementary library at FWC!

We are going to be Skyping with one of the authors of the new Voyagers series soon (see pictures below) and we have 20 copies of the first book Project Alpha.

I was trying to decide how to give them away and I came across this on Pinterest.

I am making it my own and it feels very complicated at the moment. Update: It turned out to be simple. The kids loved it! One parent told me that her son looks forward to coming to school because we are playing Monopoly in the library. (and I think he really wants a book!)

When a student checks out a book (4th or 5th graders only, since they are the ones Skyping with the author) they roll the die and move the game piece. I think I'm going to limit it to one play per day. 

I have written (stolen) trivia questions about famous children's books and assigned a question to each spot on the board. I adapted "Chance" to be "Complete the Title" questions. For example: The Day the Crayons _______ (Quit). And "Community Chest" are "Who Wrote It?" questions. Example: Who wrote Alice in Wonderland

If they get the question right they will enter their name to win one of the Project Alpha books. I will probably give them 2 minutes or so to go find the answer if they can. If I give them unlimited time the teachers will kill me since they will spend all day in the library.

I know there are more technologically savvy ways to do this and next year I'll make it more efficient. This year is an experiment! I'll add pictures as it progresses.

Happy Reading! 

Update: We also had leadership from our school come in and read to the students. 

We also played a version of Clue that I found here to promote our Mystery genre. 


Here are pictures from our Skype visit with Voyagers author DJ MacHale. 


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