Monday, May 18, 2015

It's Monday! What are you Reading?

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This book has been on my shelf for about a year but I just never found the time to read it. I stumbled across an audio version through my public library and thought, “Why not?” 

I loved it! It was adventure and fantasy. I kept thinking this would be a great read-alike for the Ascendance trilogy. The Ascendance trilogy is adventure with no magical elements and Sky Raiders was high fantasy, but they had similar feels.

Genre: Fantasy
AR level: 4.4
Grade appropriate: 4th and up

Overall: 5/5-- A fun, fast paced story.

Creativity: 5/5-- Kids end up in another world after they are kidnapped from a haunted house on Halloween. In this world there are people who can create whatever they can imagine. As a result there are swords that help you jump ridiculous lengths, shawls that make whoever is wearing them do what you want, and more.

Characters: 5/5-- I’m a sucker for a main character with a hero complex (Harry Potter, Percy Jackson)

Engrossing: 5/5

Writing: 5/5

Appeal to kids: 5/5-- Fans of high adventure and high fantasy will love it.

Appropriate length to tell the story: 5/5--It’s a long one but doesn’t bog you down the way some heavy fantasy does.

Language: none

Sexuality: none

Violence: mild-- The kids are kidnapped and taken as slaves to this other world. A character dies trying to rescue others, but it’s not graphic.

Drugs/Alcohol: none

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