Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Quest for the Crown

 Quest for the Crown Competition is coming! 

When I took the job of Library Director here at FWC I asked what were some things that were sacred, things I needed to continue no matter what. Quest for the Crown was it!

I've mentioned Quest for the Crown several times on this blog, but I've never fully explained it. I plan to remedy that today!

Quest for the Crown is a competition that was invented by Nora Kay Holmes. She was the librarian here at Fort Worth Christian before I came. (I've recently learned that Liberty Christian School & Brazos Christian have since started their own Quest competitions.)

She took the Triple Crown lists and wrote questions about the books. The kids read these books like crazy and take a test in February, written by Nora Kay, or now written by me. (My test is about 30 questions long and includes questions about every book from the list.)

 The students who perform the best on the test are invited to be on one of our Quest for the Crown teams. There are always 4 teams but the number of students on the teams varies from year to year. The kids choose team names and dress up to fit their name. Basically we have a blast!

The teams come to the library twice a week to review the books they've read, practice answering questions and to trade books with others on their teams.

I have changed Quest a little over the 3 years that I've been here at FWC. I use the Bluebonnet books. (I choose 15 of the 20 so that I can leave out some of the more objectionable ones. But we still have all 20 in the library and the kids still read them.)

You guys, it's so much fun! The kids work hard all year reading the books and start before summer getting ready for next year. Then they really ramp it up when they make the teams. They know these books forward and backward before our competition in May.

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