Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It's Tuesday! What Are You Reading?

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I'm reading a lot actually, but I don't have full reviews ready for Brown Girl Dreaming or Masterminds. So I am going to do a couple of quick thoughts about some picture books that I read to my kiddos this week. It's been fun to have something new every time we sit down to read. 

Both my big boys (11 & 3) loved this book. (The 3-month-old loved it too, he just doesn't know it yet!) It's perfect for little ones because, well, it's about a fire engine! What 3-year-old doesn't love fire engines? But this fire engine's got some attitude and style. He runs through the tools in his toolbox. We love to read the tool names and try to match it to the picture.

I caught my 11-year-old sneaking this one to his room to look at more closely. Never would have guessed!


My 3-year-old loved this wordless book because he's always frustrated that he can't read the words in books. I kept reinforcing to him that there are no words in this story, you get to make them up yourself. The boy in this book can't read either and he gets frustrated too. But he doesn't treat the book very nice when he can't read it. It's a great book for reinforcing proper treatment of books too. 


 This was a great book! We loved discussing the vocabulary and it is perfect for predicting what will happen next. The pictures are fun and silly. Perfect read-aloud for young kids, great vocabulary for older kids.

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