Wednesday, April 16, 2014

TLA 2014- San Antonio

I just got back from the Texas Library Association Conference in San Antonio. It was fantastic. I had so much fun last year and came back so excited to share all my new found knowledge and pictures with our favorite authors and I was anxious that this year wouldn't be as amazing since I was anticipating it so much but it did not disappoint. 

I met authors: 

(who promptly pulled out his phone and wanted a selfie with me too!)

Who loves librarians and/or thinks I'm amazing

(as silly and hilarious as his books)

the author not the spy

And I met a celebrity or two: 

 These guys may not look like celebrities to you but if you teach any children's literature these guys are (or should be) your rock stars! 
 I'm thrilled if you can't tell...
and John Schu 
He has a longer last name than that, but who knows it? Everyone calls him Mr. Schu.

I joined a #nerdybookclub

I read by a rooftop pool: 

 Got A LOT of free books:

 And hung out with some FABULOUS ladies!

Have I mentioned lately that I have the best job in the universe? 

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