Monday, October 28, 2013

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

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I apologize for not posting AT ALL last week, but it was a CRAZY busy week around here. I'll post more about that soon. But for now:

 I liked this book a lot. I had a few reservations, but overall it was emotional and well-written. For a more detailed review visit my Goodreads review.

I really like the original Benedict Society book. The sequels have been a bit disappointing. This one however is the real-deal. I liked this book as much as The Mysterious Benedict Society. Clever and kind Nicolas Benedict is a great kid most kids would like to befriend. 


Not nearly as fun as it ought to have been.

Ok, guys, I am a HUGE Cornelia Funke fan. I met her in April at the Texas Library Association Conference. She is so kind and amazing!!!
 Reckless is not my favorite of her books though. I loved the Inkheart series. I always tell kids, "This is a series for people who LOVE books." The characters are so real and feel like kindred spirits. 

Reckless was... I don't know. Darker, harsher. I didn't love the characters the way I loved Meggie, Mo Dustfinger and Elinor in Inkheart

But if you haven't heard the way Cornelia Funke talks about writing her books you are in for a treat. It's like magic!!  

Guys! She didn't know he was going to get away until she wrote it! It's like her imagination is it's own person!!! I LOVE listening to her. I could just sit and take it in all day long! 

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