Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Newbery Book Club

So... one of our awesome fourth grade teachers got all the kids excited last year about which book was going to win the Newbery award. The kids were reading like crazy, Wonder, The One and Only Ivan, Three Times Lucky, and Splendors and Glooms. When the day of the announcement came we all watch with baited breath, chewing our nails. While many were disappointed, everyone thought The One and Only Ivan was a pretty good choice!

I thought "Man! We've got to get on this earlier next year!" So I have done it! We are having a Newbery book club. Each child will read a different book. (These are all books being discussed as possible winners.) And every Wednesday afternoon we are going to meet up and discuss our current reads.

I'm so excited! The kids are buzzing and I've got 3 other teachers that are joining me to "lead" it. (Basically we all want to read the books!)

I've told the kids, if you are not in the club you can't check out the books. It sounds harsh, but I need to reserve the books for the kids who have committed to come every week and read the books.  The kids need permission to stay after school. Below is my permission slip/description of what we're doing. 


And here is the list of books we are using.  I do issue a disclaimer: These books are being talked about as ones that MIGHT win the Newbery. Any book published in 2013 is in the running. The winner could be one not even considered for this list. 

Today is our first meeting and I'll let you know how it goes. 

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