Monday, July 8, 2013

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

So... This week I'm not really reading any children's books. 

I know, right? 


But I'm taking a break and I'm reading only things that have been catching my interest and that I've been wanting to read, but my "TO READ" pile/shelf hasn't allowed for it. 

This is that week. 

A Distopic novel and a huge hit with the general public. 

I did not love Hunger Games
I know string me up! 
But I couldn't handle the kids killing other kids. (If you did like that book you should read Lord of the Flies. And no, we do not have either in the elementary library.) 

But I'm giving the genre another chance. I've heard wonderful things about this book and it's one of our own Mrs. Pieper's favorites. 

A classic. I've always wanted to read it. It's summer. I found a good audio version. Why not? Right? 
I'm giving it my best effort! It's surprisingly good! 

I'm doing a bible study about this book so I stole it from my husband (he's not finished with it) and I'm reading a little every day. 

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