Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Newbery Challenge- 2011 Moon Over Manifest

It took me a while to write the review of this book. It was absolutely fantastic, but the end was so moving and I was so sad it was over I felt the need to recover. 

It was the kind of book that you can't just immediately start chatting casually about. The characters and the town wove their way so fully into my heart that I needed to take a little time before I could review it here. 

The book is historical fiction. Which, I'll be honest, is not my favorite genre. But this book was such a surprising gem that it immediately became one of my favorite books! 

The story takes place during the Great Depression and centers around a girl who has lived all her life with her dad on the road. They hitch rides on trains and move from place to place, but at the beginning of the book her father has decided that the road is not the proper place for a girl to grow up. He sends her back to a town that he spent some time in as a boy and she has to carve a place in this town for herself and in the process learns about the history of the town and a lot about herself. 

I know I can't do it justice here so just read it! 


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